Bloomington MN Professional Carpet Cleaners COVID-19 Rug Cleaning Update

JJ Carpet Cleaning Pros in Bloomington MN

Bloomington MN Professional Carpet Cleaners COVID-19 Rug Cleaning Update


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JJ Carpet Cleaning Pros in Bloomington MN

Bloomington Minneapolis carpet cleaners J&J Carpet Cleaning Pros has released a COVID-19 rug cleaning update. The company will continue to provide carpet deep cleaning services in Bloomington, Minneapolis, and its statewide service area during the coronavirus health crisis.

More information about J&J Carpet Cleaning Pros is available at https://www.jjcarpetcleaningpros.com

The Bloomington, MN carpet and upholstery cleaners will continue to provide homeowners and businesses with essential carpet cleaning services during the coronavirus shutdown. According to a paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the SARS-CoV-2, also known as COVID-19 is highly stable in a favorable environment but is susceptible to standard disinfection methods.

J&J Carpet Cleaning Pros offers responsive and effective carpet disinfection services to homeowners and businesses in Bloomington and across the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area. The Bloomington carpet cleaning specialists use eco-friendly biodegradable cleaning products and the latest cleaning equipment to completely sanitize carpets.

All Twin Cities, MN carpet cleaning technicians are equipped with protective gear to maximize safety during the cleaning operation. The skilled residential and commercial carpet cleaners in Bloomington are also trained in CDC and WHO guidelines for social distancing.

J&J Carpet Cleaning Pros uses industry best practices to remove soil, food particles, mud, grime, and any type of dry or wet dirt that harbors viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. The team offers pet enzyme odor treatments and specializes in cleaning up pet urine, feces, and other bio-waste.

According to a spokesperson for the top-rated carpet cleaners in Bloomington, Minneapolis, “We are happy to announce the availability of our carpet cleaning and disinfection services during the coronavirus crisis. We believe that a clean carpet contributes to a healthy family and we look forward to providing the safest carpet cleaning Bloomington, Minneapolis has to offer.”

J&J Carpet Cleaning Pros is a full-service carpet and upholstery cleaning company based in Bloomington, Minneapolis, serving communities in the Twin Cities, MN area. The company provides a fixed pricing grid and convenient online scheduling for carpet cleaning, hardwood floor maintenance, air duct sanitizing, and tile and grout cleaning services.

Call 952-261-3324 or visit the link above to schedule safe coronavirus carpet sanitizing services in Bloomington, Minneapolis.

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