Carpet Cleaning

How often should I clean my carpet?


What are the factors that affect the need for professionally cleaned carpets?


Some factors can affect how dirty your carpet gets and when you need to get it thoroughly cleaned. Three of those factors are:


1. The number of members in your family: Depending on how many members of the family live in your house (even pets should be counted as members here for proper estimate), you might need professional cleaning anywhere between 6-18 months. If you vacuum your carpets well, and there are just 2-3 adult members in your house, you might not need professional carpet cleaning for as long as 18 months. But if you’ve pets or toddlers or more members, you will need it more often.

2. Pets: Even if your pet is well trained, and there has never been a pet accident on the carpet, your pet sheds hair, oil, and dander. All of this gets deposited on the carpet. Breeds with long hair obviously make your carpet even dirtier and make you call for professional help quicker than usual (within about three to six months).


3. Children: Kids might spill over some drink on the carpet or just move around it with dirty hands or feet. These things are very usual in houses with children and require cleaning more often than usual. Go for professional cleaning within six to eight months.

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